being a producer is both and honor and a privilige.

Having the access to enter the world of someone else, the freedom to document what's happening, and the editorial judgement to tell a story, is everything. 


and freedom to document what's happening, showing a lens into someone else's world, and then choosing the footage and quotes that tell an honest and realistic account of what happened. 

I started at mtvU pro social campaigns (quiet campus / sex trafficking / ) 

I've been at forbes for tk years, in the same room as warren buffett, kylie jenner, michael phelps. 

then pivoting to interviewing: astronauts, scientists, 

dark capital \ blockchain \ 

I'm just contiually facinated with being around people that inspire me and working with people that inspire me. I'm forever a student.


I don't really know what I'm studying, but does anyone? 

 i like dogs. and stories. especially the stories of the underdogs. 

all that said, i really enjoy 

nathan fielder / hbo show guy / john mulaney ,




[ verb pruh-doos, -dyoos; noun prod-oos, -yoos, proh-doos, -dyoos ]SHOW IPA

See synonyms for: produce / produced / produces / producing on

verb (used with object), pro·duced, pro·duc·ing.

to bring into existence; give rise to; cause:to produce steam.

to bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability:to produce a great painting.

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